Plastic Crates Supplier in Qatar

Types of Plastic Crates

Advantages of Plastic Crates
  • With low weight heavy load can be stores
  • Easy storage of things and retrievals
  • Health & safe as less prone to fungus activities and easily sanitized.
  • Can withstand temperature, hot and humid conditions without affecting stored products
  • Reusability
  • 6. Big role in pharmacuital industry, textile industry as well as logistics

About The Product

David Racks is the leading supplier of plastic crates in Qatar. Plastic crates are important in transportation and storing of food products, fish, vegetables etc. It will safety keep things. All these crates are made up of HDPE first hand plastic. David racks supply top quality plastic products in qatar at ready stock. We are the wholesale supplier and giving quality plastic products at lowest price to Qatar market. Other than wooden crates plastic crates are durable and flexible. Also plastic crates are free from fungus growth unlike wooden type. It is resistant to extreme whether condition. Even though price of plastic crate is comparitively higher, it will save our money and time as it is less prone to damage and thus long life. The strength of a plastic crates depends upon the material used for manufacturing as well as thickness and the structure of crate. Now a days foldable crates are also available in the market. Through injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding etc crates can be made. David Racks is the wholesale supplier of crates who provide the best quality crates at the lowest price. This plastic crates are inevitable in diary sector (used as milk crate), agricultural sector (for storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables), fisharies industry, groceries and warehouse as well as food factories. The plastic crates are also called storage baskets. The vegetable crates are also called Dates crates.

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