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Heavy Duty Pallet Rack can also be used as a piece wise material storage system by putting GI platform decking on the beam levels. A normal 270cm long heavy duty rack needs 9 piece of decking per level (30cmx90cm plate x 9 piece = 270cm) This can be done at 60cm depth, 90cm depth & 120cm depth. The 60cm & 90cm GI decking have 1.2mm thickness and 120cm wide decking have 1.5mm thickness. We can make it pallet rack by taking off the GI Decking. GI Steel is a stronger material and this GI decking can ensure the same loading capacity of beams uniformly. The main advantage of GI decking is that, it is not prone to fire. Other than wooden decking it takes at least 2 hours to start burning itself. In Middle East GI decking is most widely used and popular than cold rolled steel decking. The small piece wise arrangement of GI decking made it more load carrying.

Heavy Duty Storage Rack with decking

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