Milk Crate for sale in Qatar

Milk Crate for sale in Qatar
Milk Crate for sale in Qatar
Milk Crate for sale in Qatar
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David Racks is the leading supplier of Diary Crates in Qatar. Milk crates are square or rectangular interlocking boxes that are used to transport milk and other products from dairies to retail establishments. This crates are also called bottle crates. Earlier milk crates are made of wood, after that SS and now Heavy Density Polyethene.
Milk crates can be used for the transportation and storage of milk bottles, milk cartons, milk covers etc. They have vented structure and easily stackable as it is very easy to store. Milk crates are resistant to a wide range of temperature as it is used in cold storages too.
The milk crates supplied by David Racks are of Heavy Duty quality and better for a long use. Additionally, the design of the crates, with their interlocking grid pattern, contributes to their overall strength and durability.
David Racks provides the best quality milk crates in the market of Qatar at the best rate.

Milk Crate for sale in Qatar

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