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Product Description

David racks is the market leading supplier of vegetable crates in Qatar.
The vegetable crates in our stock is the best quality in the market with affordable price.
The thickness of vegetable crates are made in such a away that it can take load by wide range of vegetables.

The same crate is also called fruits basket. This veg crates are made up of HDPE plastic and it is durable and flexible.

Vented and perforated crates are preferred for the vegetable storage and transportation as it will lead to maximum life span of fruits and vegetables.
In Gulf countries, this crates are important material handling equipment for dates farmers. So it is also called dates crates. This crates are not subjected to any fungal activities like wooden crates. Also these crates are fire retardant material made.

Foldable crates are also available for this. Even though vegetable crates are manufactured light in weight, it structure design and material make it strong. David Racks is the wholesale supply of plastic crates in Doha. We also have retail sale of vegetable crates in Qatar from our shop.
David racks is the top supplier of plastic products in Qatar. Quality of our plastic products is our highlight. We are selling these crates at customer friendly rate too.

All these crates are nestable and stackable so that material handling using this crates are preferred to be easier. These crates are also called harvest crates. They are simple to clean. This same crates are also referred as agricultural crates.

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