Fish Crates supplier in Qatar

Fish Crates supplier in Qatar
Fish Crates supplier in Qatar
Fish Crates supplier in Qatar
Product Description

The best quality and durable fish crates in Qatar market is supplied regularly by David Racks.
This fish crates are also called fish cage, fish tub etc. These crates are mainly used for storage, transportation of marine goods and sea foods. The fish crates are available with lids and without lids.

The fish crates are important in fisheries as the proper storage, so that fish products remains fresh, healthy to customer.

Since the marine environment is severely harsh to most materials, the material used for fish crates should be the top quality plastic. From sea to the cold store the fish crates are travelling and staying. To severe minerals it have to be exposed. So hygenic food grade HDPE material is a must thing here.

While not in use, fish crates are nestable or stackable so that area for storage of free crates can be reduced. These plastic crates are very hygenic and rustless. The main fish crates are closed crates as fishes are always to be stored in fresh water or ice.

David Racks is providing top quality fish crates at the best price in Qatar market. Other than transportation crates, quality of vegetable crates and fish crates are very important. The fish containers can be cleaned very easily. The weight capacity of fish crates are always high.

Fish Crates supplier in Qatar

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