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Using of GI Wire Mesh decking for making the platform is most safe and government approved way of Racking. Even the beam have higher loading capacity, wire mesh decking provides a maximum of 1000kg per level. Wire mesh decking is preferred when the safety of warehouse comes to play. Very sensitive and burning materials are placed on wire mesh decking heavy duty racks. In case any wire occurs, the powder extinguisher or pumped water can easily go to the lower levels from the top. The GI wire mesh decking came to our heavy duty stock in two sizes, 135 x 120cm & 135 x 90cm. Normally it have four under support. Three under support type is also available. The more the under support that much advancement in loading capability. David Racks is the leading supplier of top quality GI wire mesh decking in Qatar. We supply the wire mesh decking at the lowest price in Qatar Market. The Baladiya in Qatar approves and prefer Wire Mesh decking over plane platform decking. For High loading capacity (more than 1000kg per level) we can use GI mezzanine grating in the place of wire mesh decking. David Racks has the biggest collection of GI wire mesh decking in Qatar which is ready to supply.

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