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As a leading mannequin suppliers in Qatar, we offer different types of mannequins which include Female Mannequins, Male Mannequins, Sitting Mannequins, Head Mannequins, and Sports Mannequins. We work with the sole aim of serving the shopkeepers, artists, and showrooms with a desirable range of mannequins. These act as the best solution for displaying one's abilities to create new patterns and designs of clothes for people from different segments of the business.

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David Racks is the main supplier of mannequins, dummies and models in Qatar. We offer a wide range of mannequins to our clients. It is also called manikins. Full Body as well as Half body mannequins are available with us at the lowest price in Qatar. We are offering the best quality mannequins in the market for sale in Doha. Our mannequins are mainly made of Fiber Glass or Plastic or Foam or Fabric materials. Full body made of Fiber Glass is available in White, Skin, Black as well as Golden color. The most recommended color is white or skin. We have good stock of mannequins and ready to take orders for supply 24x7. Due to the reliable dealing with customers, David Rack stay as the market leading whole sale supplier of mannequins in Qatar. Male, Female, Child, Sports mannequins are available with us. We are always encouraging suggestions from our customers always.

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Picking out great mannequins that go well with your store & merchandise can be tricky. With thousands of customers served, we’ve come to know what kinds of mannequins are best for various store types and locations.

1. When handling your mannequin, remember that its most vulnerable parts are the fingers and hands, feet, joints, face, and neck. Avoid banging your mannequins into anything hard, or allowing them to fall.

2. If they develop what appear to be pencil marks, a regular eraser should remove them.

3. To remove smudges from the mannequin’s surface, use a soft brush and a mixture of toothpaste and water. Avoid getting oily substances on the paint.

4. Before storing, wrap mannequins in soft cloth or bubble wrap. For added protection, wrap delicate parts (fingers) separately. Often, touch-up paint is available upon request.

5. Place mannequins in areas that will protect them from being bumped. Position elbows, etc in directions that will not impede customers’ passing.

6. Fiberglass mannequins are most often finished with acrylic paint. Your local hardware store will be able to match or create any shade you’d like your display mannequin to be. It is also possible to hand-paint different features or makeup on your mannequins or to add patterns or colors to make your mannequin display unique.

7. When handling your mannequin, wear gloves to avoid surface scratches from rings and skin oils. If you choose not to wear gloves, always make sure your hands are clean. This will help protect the mannequin from surface dirt.

8. Take your time assembling your mannequin; this can prevent unnecessary damage.

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We are working with the aim of improving retailers’ experience by offering high-quality storage retail racks, shop fittings, and accessories.

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