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full body mannequins

About The Product

David Racks is the market leading supplier of Mannequins in Doha & Qatar. We supply the best quality mannequins in the market at the lowest price. The full body dummies are made up of material called Fiber Glass. The most popular colors are White, Skin & Black. Among this white is the universal one because almost all the dress is matching on white mannequins. Here in Qatar, the most popular mode is Glossy Finished Abstract Mannequins, that is without facial expressions. Plastic made manikins are also available with us. But no other material can overcome the body & shape perfectness of Fiber Glass Mannequins. We are offering a wide range of models and figures to our customers. Both glossy and matte finished mannequins are available with us. International standard brands are preferring egg head abstract mannequins in white color as it is a universal standard. Showroom & Shop display mannequins, Sports mannequins are available in our ready stock. Different poses are available with us. In addition to that we are selling CPR mannequins, mannequin heads etc. All of our mannequins are detachable and can be easily placed inside a box

full body mannequins

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