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Product Description

Supermarket Shelves are provided with front and rear perforations for every 10mm that permits the user to effectively use the divider system for the merchandise. The profiled shelves permit the mounting of price labels and shelf merchandising system directly resulting in higher sales productivity by improving product presentation and making it easier to identify the stock items. Visual merchandising of the products is vital for retail success.

  • MATERIAL                                                        COLD ROLLED STEEL
  • SURFACE TREATMENT                                     POWDER COATED
  • HEIGHT                                            2250mm
  • LENGTH                                                             800mm,1000mm,1200mm
  • WIDTH                                       300mm,400mm,500mm
  •     BACK PANEL          0.6mm
  •     SHELF                      0.7mm    
  •     PERFORATED PANEL    0.8mm
  • COLOR                                                             WHITE                 
  • MATERIAL                                COLD ROLLED STEEL
  • HEIGHT                                      2250 mm
  • LENGTH                                     800 mm,1000mm,1200mm
  • WIDTH                                        300mm,400mm,500mm 
  •           BACK PANEL                   0.6 mm
  •           SHELF                               0.7 mm
  •          PERFORATED PANEL      0.8 mm
  • COLOR                                        WHITE

About The Product

David Racks offers the best quality supermarket shelves in Qatar at the lowest price. This display shelves are inevitable components in shops, supermarkets, groceries, hypermarkets and pharmacies. We are supplying the branded supermarket shelving material of Zaneeta. We can utilize the maximum wall space and floor space of shops by installing the supermarket shelves. The most popular color of supermarket shelves is white. It makes the visibility of the products more effective. Display racks can attract the customers coming to the store and it make the search for product easy. The price rail helps to display the price of each products we are selling. Supermarket Shelves is a necessary equipment in FMCG industry. The supermarket racks help the stores to arrange the products properly and to display it correctly. The powder coating finish are done in a perfect way in order to increase the aesthetic appearance. David Racks is staying as the market leading supplier of supermarket shelves due to the quality and the price we are giving to our customers. Supermarket Shelves are mainly classified into two types 1. Single Sided Shelving or Wall Shelving 2. Double Sided Shelving or Gondola Shelving Single sided shelving are provided across the wall space as well as the end units for the Gondola Shelving. The thickness of shelf plate as well as back panels of supermarket racks is a key factor in determining the quality of supermarket shelves. By compromising its specification price can be lowered by quality and appearance will go down. David Racks never compromise in the quality of shelving. That is why David Racks stay as the market leading supplier of supermarket shelves in Qatar.The pegboard or perforated panels with advanced thickness can also be used with supermarket racks.

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