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Slotted angle shelving basic information:

5 level slotted rack with under support qatar

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David Rack is the leading supplier of Slotted Angle Racks in Qatar market. Slotted Rack is the most popular and regular rack comes to the mind of people while thinking about racks. Usually coming in 5 layer and comes under the category of light duty shelving slotted angle racks are the most economic rack in the market. David Racks offers the lowest price for Slotted Angle Rack in Qatar. Good thickness and weight has provided for the angles (legs) and shelf plates. The under support given for 45cm plate and 60cm plate ensure the loading capacity of 120-150kg per level. Slotted Angle Rack is a bolted type rack. Even in non levelled floor slotted rack can be made adjustable to make it aligned and perfect. Slotted Rack can be used for light loads in store rooms, warehouses, hospitals, offices, schools and shops.

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You come up from underneath the shelf. Give each corner a tap with a rubber mallet or something that is not going to damage your shelf or its finish. The trick is to come up evenly with the shelves. Set your clips to the correct height and then lay the shelf down on top.

Yes. However, you can’t just go and throw 800lbs right in the middle of the shelf. Quality wire shelves have additional trusses for heavy loads. When load capacities are given for wire shelves this is based on an evenly distributed shelf. Please keep this in mind when deciding your wire shelf needs.

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