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David Racks is the best supplier of Mezzanine Racking System in Qatar. You can optimize the vertical storage space of a warehouse by doubling or tripling the usable surface area with Mezzanine floor racking systems. Not only it is the least expensive method to increase storage space without any changes in building structure While constructing a mezzanine floor ,it is most important to examine work systems, access points ,products and handling methods to custom plan your system. The dimensions ,structure and location are easily customized ,with virtually endless possible uses in any industrial setting.Structures like hand rails, stairs, can be easily customized. Belt beams are needed for the construction of mezzanine flooring. The normal height we are giving for 1st mezzanine floor is 3m. The 2mm thick grating can provide 500kg per square meter loading capacity while 1.5mm can provide 350kg per square meter.Staircase can be customized (welded type) in Qatar or imported from China (detachable). The ladder satisfies the international building standard. .Dimensions of reforated steel planks are length 6m & width 22.5cm or 20cm David Racks is the best quality product supplier of Mezzanine Floor & Racking materials in Qatar.. We give the best rate for mezzanine floor GI grating and others. We offer the estimation, layout preparation, material supply and installation as well as maintenance. . We are working the reputed clients in Industrial Area, Birkat Al Awamer, GWC, Barwa Al Baraha regularlyMezzanine flooring are generally done on Heavy Duty Racks

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Mezzanine Floor & Racking Supplier in Qatar

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