Slatwall MDF Channel Board Suppliers in Qatar

Slatwall MDF Channel Board in Qatar
Slatwall MDF Channel Board
Slatwall MDF Channel Board in Qatar
Product Description

David Racks is the leading supplier of MDF Slatwall Board in Qatar. Slatwall is a major display accessory in the group of shop fitting.
By using hooks on slatwall we can display various products to the customers.
Slatwall is mainly made up of wooden board. The material is Medium Density Fiber (MDF) board. The grooves are made in horizontal direction on board. Aluminum Channels are provided across the slatwall wooden grooving. Slatwall Channels are also called Aluminium Insert.

Slatwalls are common in Mobile Phone & Computer Accessories shops, supermarket, Boutiques, Cloth Store, Convenient Stores etc. It is needed for hooking electronic & electric parts, hand machines, sports equipment, mobile accessories, clothes, shoes, magazines etc.
They are one of the major shop fitting in a commercial store. They are an unavoidable thing of a Retail Store.

  • NAME                                                        Slatwall MDF Board,Channel Board, Slatwall Panel, Grooved Board

  • Size                                                    244x122cm (8′ x 4′)
  • Thickness of board                                    15 mm
  • Grooves in one slatwall board                 14 – 21 Nos
  • Aluminum insert thickness                      0.7 mm
  • Distance b/w grooves                              10 cm or 15 cm
  • Weight of one board                                 30kg
  • Face                                                      Fire proof sheet, Acrylic
  • Colour                                                          White, Black, Red, Blue, Redwood
  • Groove shape       Rectangular
  • Made                     Thailand                 
  • NAME                                        Slatwall MDF Board,Channel Board,                                                           Slatwall Panel, Grooved Board
  • SIZE                                              244x122cm (8′ x 4′)
  • THICKNESS OF BOARD                  15 mm
  • Grooves in one slatwall board     =  14 – 21 Nos        
  • Aluminum insert thickness          =  0.7 mm                              
  • Distance b/w grooves                   = 10 cm or 15 cm
  • Weight of one board                      = 30 kg
  • Face                                               Fire proof sheet, Acrylic
  • Colour                                           White, Black, Red, Blue, Redwood
  • Groove shape                              Rectangular
  • Made                                             Thailand


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Rivet Boltless Steel Racks are mainly used for storage purposes in shops, medical pharmacies, store rooms ,warehouses, etc.

 The government of Qatar (Baladiya) doesn’t allow wooden parts for the shelves in store rooms due to fire and safety concerns, so we supply the entire part of the rivet rack in steel-made format only. 

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