Plastic Pallets Suppliers in Qatar

plastic pallet supplier Qatar
plastic pallet supplier Qatar
plastic pallet supplier Qatar

About The Product

David Racks is the leading supplier of Plastic Pallet in Qatar Market. We offer good quality pallets at very low price. The pallets are available in two standard sizes (120x100x15cm) & (120x80x14cm) the euro size. The plastic pallets are mainly used for the storage of food articles, chemicals and wide range of products. Other than wooden pallets, plastic pallets are light in weight and weight capacity is more. The pallet we supply have normally 3 runners. 5 runner and 6 runner pallets are also supplied according to the requirements of our clients. For making the pallet more load carrying and stronger, steel rods can be used. Steel rod is a must while using pallet for loading in rack. The pallet normally have static load, dynamic load and racking load. The pallet supplied by David Racks is top in quality and comparatively low in price. We are selling the branded pallets of Zaneeta (Chinese made) and Nilkamal Pallets (Indian made).Using plastic pallets improves workplace safety by providing a safe and comfortable handling solution. With their smooth and contoured construction, they are lighter than wood and free of nails, splinters, and rust. In this system, pallet loads are stored at one end and retrieved at the other, which follows the principle of First In First Out (FIFO).

Why Davidracks?

  • DIMENSION (mm) L X W X H 
  •       STANDARD SIZE = 1200 X 1000 X 150
  •       EURO SIZE            = 1200 X 800 X 140
  •       ZANEETA
  •         STATIC            3000 kg  (Varies according to requirement) 
  •         DYNAMIC        1000 Kg 
  •         RACKING         500 kg* 
  •          BLUE

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The range of plastic pallet styles includes heavy & medium duty, those made from recycled plastic, and hygienic plastic pallets. We stock lightweight, one-trip, nestable, and stacking plastic pallets, which means that there is always a pallet to suit your application.

This can vary but, many of our long-lasting recycled pallets can carry loads of 1250kg when stored in standard beam racking.

Our Vision

We are working with the aim of improving retailers’ experience by offering high-quality storage retail racks, shop fittings, and accessories.

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