Plastic Bin Supplier in Qatar

plastic bin suppliers Qatar
plastic bin suppliers Qatar
plastic bin suppliers in Qatar

About The Product

Plastic Storage bins are one of the effective way to store small parts like nut bolts, medicines etc. They are easily movable and can be used as an effective storage solutions. We are supplying good quality plastic bins at the lowest price in Qatar. They are also called open type storage containers. The bins we are selling is the branded one from China & India (Alkon). The material used for the manufacturing is first hand plastic (HDPE). Our regular stock of plastic storage bins are made in Blue and Red Color. We can give customized color according to customer convenience in a fixed time span. All the plastic bins we are supplying are easily stackable type. So it is also called stackable bins. This bins can be easily placed on shelves, louvre panels and stands. The plastic bins are an unavoidable storage equipment in automobile industry, garages, hospitals and warehouses now a days. These bins are the part of small part storage systems. Even papers are stored in these plastic bins now a days. David Racks is staying as the market leading supplier of plastic bins in Qatar. We are giving the bins to our customers at the best rate in market. The plastic storage bins are available at a wide range of sizes according to the need of customer.Our small parts stacking bins includes Supra Bins, Hippo Bins & Rhino Tuff Bins made in India.We are supplying Supra, Hippo & Panda bins in Qatar. These plastic bins are also called open storage containers. Hospitals and Pharmacies are using this for the storage of small things like medicines, syringe etc. So it is also called open medical storage boxes.

Plastic Bins in Qatar

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