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A textile display rack collection needs to be spot on when it comes to delivering all kinds of storing and display systems. A store should ensure that all the necessary avenues are covered with its exclusive and extensive display stand. Our display racks are of high quality and are renowned for their attributes like high load-bearing capacity, lightweight, and corrosion resistance. These racks are portable and hence can be relocated easily without much fuss.

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Deciding on the right garment rails and display units for your business can be difficult and it’s incredibly important to think about your individual needs and do your research before buying. One piece of advice is to take stock of your product range. Whether your intention is to open a shop specializing in occasion wear or a store focused on casual apparel, having an idea of what you will be selling will help you to choose the right garment rails and display units for you. As a general rule, anything that hangs from the shoulder or waist to the knees or below will be better displayed on garment rails, whilst anything shoulder to waist length can is easily folded on a display unit

Retailers are often faced with a tricky task; that is, fitting all of their products into a limited space, whilst displaying them effectively and making sure their shop looks good. Your merchandise needs to be easy to browse and it’s important to maximize the space you have available. This is why garment rails and display units are essential to virtually all retail stores. As one of Qatar’s leading providers of high-quality shop fittings, we are regularly approached by small start-up businesses and we often get asked – should I choose garment rails or display units for my new store?

Of course, the answer to that question varies depending upon your exact needs and requirements; however, generally speaking, we recommend a mixture of both for most clothing retail environments. Here we take a look at the advantages of garment rails and display units in turn and offer some top tips, hopefully helping you to come up with the perfect solution for your new shop.

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We are working with the aim of improving retailers’ experience by offering high-quality storage retail racks, shop fittings, and accessories.

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