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David Racks is the leading supplier of cold room shelving in Qatar. We supply the best quality cold room shelving in Qatar market. The Baladiya of Qatar is very strict regarding the shelving used in cold room. The shelving used in cold room should be resistant to water and moisture and should remain as rust-less for a long time. Mainly two types shelving are used in cold rooms. One is the Epoxy Coated Wire Shelving and the other one is Stainless steel wire shelving. Among these two, Epoxy coated one is the most economic way and good for everybody’s budget. The epoxy coating is a plastic coating and saves the steel from rusting. The other way is using stainless steel wire shelving but it is very costly method. David Racks offer you the cold room shelving which is the best in market at low price.

Product Description

Cold rooms are the inevitable part of all commercial bakeries, hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, food processing centers, factories etc so that food can be preserved there for a long time without getting bad. David Racks is providing the best quality cold room shelving service in Qatar. The cold room shelves are mainly of two types.
1. Epoxy Coated Wire Shelving
2. Stainless Steel Shelving
Among the two, epoxy coated (plastic coated) wire mesh shelving is the economic way to rack cold room. Epoxy shelf is of low cost and the coating makes it resistant to rusting. This will completely block the interaction of steel portion with moisture and water content. The color of epoxy shelving is coming in Green and Black. Among that green color is the most popular one. This racking is also called Green Wire Shelving or Green Epoxy Shelving.
Stainless steel shelving is the other category, which is more better way but very expensive. SS shelves last for a long time without any problems. SS of grade 201 and 304 are mainly used for making SS shelves. The cold room shelving we supply in the market have NSF Certification. David Racks is staying as the top supplier of cold storage shelves in Doha.

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